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Main Lab Activities and Exercise List

This is currently the main list of all the labs we have. The goal here is to use this list and either include the sub-table for a topic-specific page, or copy individual labs over the labs you desire for the course you need.

Please remember to ADD any new labs you may have created to keep this list as current as possible

Electronics I Lab Activities and Exercises

Topic ADALM1000 (M1K) ADALM2000 (M2K)
AmplifiersBasic OP Amp Configurations
Op-Amp Open-Loop Gain
Op-Amp Gain Bandwidth Product
Simple Op Amps
Op Amp as Comparator
Op Amp Settling Time
Measuring Loop Gain
Differential pair triangle to sine converter
PN JunctionThe voltage dependent capacitance of the PN junctionVoltage dependent capacitance of the PN junction
DiodesPN Diode I/V curves
Zener Diode I/V curves
Diode Rectifiers
Precision Rectifiers, Absolute value circuits
BJT as a diode
MOS as a diode
PN Diode I/V curves
Zener diode regulator
BJT as a diode
MOS as a diode
Differential Temperature Sensor using Diodes
Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJT)BJT Device I/V curves
BJT as a switch
Common Emitter Amplifier
Frequency Response of CE amplifier
Common Base Amplifier
Folded Cascode Amplifier
BJT Current Mirror
BJT Zero Gain Amplifier
BJT Stabilized current source
BJT Emitter Follower
Phase Splitter Amplifier
BJT Differential Pair
Multi Stage Amplifier
Making a full Amplifier from circuit blocks
Output Stages
BJT Device I/V curves
Common emitter amplifier
Amplifier Frequency Response
CE amplifier loop gain
BJT Current Mirror
BJT Zero gain amplifier
BJT Stabilized current source
Floating (two terminal) Current Source / Sink
BJT Emitter follower
BJT Differential Pair
Transresistance input stage
Making a full Amplifier from circuit blocks
Output Stages
Metal Oxide Transistors (MOS)MOS Device I/V curves
MOS as a switch
Common Source Amplifier
Common Gate Amplifier
MOS Current Mirror
MOS Zero Gain Amplifier
MOS Stabilized current source
MOS Source Follower
MOS Differential Pair
MOS Device I/V curves
Common source amplifier
MOS Current Mirror
MOS Zero gain amplifier
MOS Stabilized current source
MOS source follower
MOS Differential Pair

Electronics II Lab Activities and Exercises

Digital Electronics Lab Activities and Exercises

Communications Lab Activities and Exercises

Course Function ADALM1000 (M1K) ADALM2000 (M2K) ADLAM-PLUTO (PlutoSDR)
CommunicationsTransformersTransformersInductor Self Resonance
CommunicationsTransmission LinesArtificial Transmission Lines Transmission Lines and Standing Waves
CommunicationsTuned AmplifiersTransformer Coupled Amplifier Tuned Amplifiers,part I
Tuned Amplifiers,part II
Transformer Coupled Amplifier
CommunicationsFiltersBand Pass Filter step-response
Polyphase Filters
Active Filters
Polyphase Filters
CommunicationsDetectorsAM modulation and Envelop DetectorsEnvelope Detectors
FM Detectors
CommunicationsVariable Amplifiers Variable Gain Amplifiers
CommunicationsFrequency SynthesizersHartley oscillatorHartley oscillator
Colpitts oscillator
Clapp oscillator
Peltz Oscillator
CommunicationsModulationPulse Width ModulationPulse Width Modulation
Diode Ring Modulators
CommunicationsPulsed OscillatorsPulsed OscillatorsPulsed Oscillators
CommunicationsPhase Locked LoopPhase Locked LoopsPhase Locked Loops
CommunicationsMixers Active Mixers
CommunicationsGeneratorsPseudo-Random Sequence GeneratorsPseudo-Random Sequence Generators
Digital Communications SDR Basics and Probability Introduction To SDR (PDF) Introduction To SDR (LaTeX)
Digital Communications Timing Recovery Symbol Synchronization (PDF) Symbol Synchronization (LaTeX)
Digital Communications Frequency Recovery Carrier Synchronization (PDF) Carrier Synchronization (LaTeX)
Digital Communications Frame Synchronization Frame Synchronization (PDF) Frame Synchronization (LaTeX)
(3rd party/ external)
OFDM Transceiver Charon: stand-alone OFDM transceiver using Pluto SDR
(3rd party/ external)
PySDR: A Guide to SDR and DSP using Python Pluto SDR in Python
(3rd party/ external)
ADSB decoder Dump 1090 ADSB decoder

Power Electronics Lab Activities and Exercises

Embedded Systems Lab Activities and Exercises (Coming soon!)

Topic MAX78000FTHR Arduino Uno ChibiOS
Finding Technical Info X X X
Basic I/O Blink (MSDK User Guide)
Button (MSDK GPIO example)
Simplest ChibiOS Progect Ever (Blink)
Mastering Push Buttons with ChibiOS
Interrupt Service Routines X X External Interrupts with ChibiOS PAL: From Polling to Events
Analog to Digital (ADC) Voltmeter
Temperature Measurement
Temperature Measurement
Temperature Measurement
Timers Timer Examples X X
Serial Communication: UART UART Example Lab Using STM32 USART with ChibiOS
Serial Communication: I2C I2C Bus Scanner
I2C Accelerometer (ADXL343)
I2C Bus Scanner Using STM32 I2C with ChibiOS
Serial Communication: SPI SPI loopback X ADXL355 and ChibiOS SPI
Direct Memory Access (DMA) X X X
Camera Image Capture X X
TFT Display TFT Featherwing Example X X
Serial Communication: I2S/TDM Audio Simple I2S Receiver X X
Random Numbers True Random Number Generator X X
Secure Authentication Algorithms X X X
Pulse Train Engine Pulse Train Example X X
Examining a Memory Map X X X
Linkers & Linkerscript X X X
RTOS Basics X X X
Convolutional Neural Networks MNIST Handwriting Recognition
Cat or Dog?
Facial Recognition
Keyword Spotting
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