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University Program online teaching materials

The University Program brings the analog signal processing technology the company has developed to the academic community in a way that is open and accessible to faculty and students in the form of analog design kits and analog components, online and downloadable software and teaching materials, online support, textbooks, reference designs and lab projects to enrich students’ education about analog circuits and their application to core engineering and physical science curricula.

The following tutorial materials from the ADI archives are arranged into similar typical course topic areas. They might be suitable as a substitute for a text book in some courses or for use as supplementary material to augment a text book.

Analog Electronics

These tutorial pages centered around analog electronics comprise ideal Op Amp basics, Op Amp error sources and specifications along with specility amplifiers like Instrumentation amplifiers, variable gain amplifiers, log amplifiers, analog multipliers, analog switches and voltage references.

Table of Contents:

Operational Amplifiers:

  1. Ideal Voltage Feedback (VFB) Op Amp (MT-032)
    1. Inverting Amplifier (MT-213)
    2. Inverting Summing Amplifier (MT-214)
    3. Half Wave Rectifier (MT-212)
    4. Full Wave Rectifier (MT-211)
  2. Current Feedback (CFB) Op Amps (MT-034)
  3. Voltage Feedback Op Amp Gain and Bandwidth (MT-033)
  4. Open Loop Gain and Open Loop Gain Nonlinearity (MT-044)
  5. Bandwidth and Bandwidth Flatness (MT-045)
  6. Settling Time (MT-046)
  7. High Speed Voltage Feedback Op Amps (MT-056)
  8. Input Offset Voltage (MT-037)
  9. Total Output Offset Voltage Calculations (MT-039)
  10. Chopper Stabilized (Auto-Zero) Precision Op Amps (MT-055)
  11. Input Bias Current (MT-038)
  12. Input Impedance (MT-040)
  13. Power Supply Rejection Ratio (PSRR) and Supply Voltages (MT-043)
  14. Input and Output Common-Mode and Differential Voltage Range (MT-041)
  15. Common-Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR) (MT-042)
  16. Outputs, Single-Supply, and Rail-to-Rail Topics (MT-035)
  17. Output Phase-Reversal and Input Over-Voltage Protection (MT-036)

Using Op Amps

  1. Choosing Between Voltage Feedback and Current Feedback Op Amps (MT-060)
  2. Compensating for the Effects of Input Capacitance on VFB and CFB Op Amps Used in Current-to-Voltage Converters (MT-059)
  3. Effects of Feedback Capacitance on VFB and CFB Op Amps (MT-058)
  4. Op Amp Distortion: HD, THD, THD + N, IMD, SFDR, MTPR (MT-053)
  5. Op Amp Noise (MT-047)
  6. Op Amp Noise Figure: Don't Be Mislead (MT-052)
  7. Op Amp Total Output Noise Calculations for Second-Order System (MT-050)
  8. Op Amp Total Output Noise Calculations for Single-Pole System (MT-049)
  9. Op Amp Noise Relationships: 1/f Noise, RMS Noise, and Equivalent Noise Bandwidth (MT-048)

Instrumentation Amplifiers

  1. Basic Two Op Amp In-Amp Configuration (MT-062)
  2. Basic Three Op Amp In-Amp Configuration (MT-063)
  3. In-Amp DC Error Sources (MT-064)
  4. Auto-Zero In Amps (MT-067)
  5. In-Amp Noise (MT-065)
  6. In-Amp Bridge Circuit Error Budget Analysis (MT-066)
  7. Difference and Current Sense Amplifiers (MT-068)
  8. In-Amp Input Overvoltage Protection (MT-069)
  9. In-Amp Input Radio Frequency Interference Protection (MT-070)

Variable Gain Amplifiers (VGAs)

  1. Precision Variable Gain Amplifiers (MT-072)
  2. High Speed Variable Gain Amplifiers (MT-073)


  1. Comparator Basics (MT-083)
  2. Op Amps As Comparators (MT-084)
    1. Op Amps as Comparators Power Point Slides

Logarithmic Amplifiers

  1. Log Amp Basics (MT-077)
  2. High Frequency Log Amps (MT-078)

Analog Multipliers

  1. Analog Multipliers Basics (MT-079)
  2. Mixers and Modulators Overview (MT-080)

Sample / Hold Amplifiers

  1. Sample-and-Hold Amplifiers (MT-090)
  2. Applying IC Sample-Hold Amplifiers (AN-270)

Analog Switches and Multiplexing

  1. Analog Switches and Multiplexers Basics (MT-088)
  2. Video Multiplexers and Crosspoint Switches (MT-089)

Voltage References:

  1. Voltage References (MT-087)

Phase Locked Loops:

Fundamentals of Phase Locked Loops (MT-087)


DAC, DDS, PLL's, and Clock Distribution (pdf)

Technical Articles

Phase Locked Loops for High-Frequency Receivers and Transmitters – Part 1 (pdf)
Phase Locked Loops for High-Frequency Receivers and Transmitters – Part 2 (pdf)
Phase Locked Loops for High-Frequency Receivers and Transmitters – Part 3 (pdf)

Analog Circuit Simulation

  1. Analog Circuit Simulation (MT-099)
  2. SPICE-Compatible Op Amp Macro-Models (AN-138)

Mixed Signal Electronics (Systems)

Table of Contents:

Sampling Systems

  1. Quantization Noise (MT-001)
    1. An Expanded Derivation of the Equation, SNR=6.02N+1.76 dB (MT-229)
  2. Data Converter Codes (MT-009)
  3. Data Converter Static Specifications (MT-010)
  4. What the Nyquist Criterion Means to Sampled Data System Design (MT-002)
  5. Understanding SINAD, ENOB, SNR, THD, THD+N, and SFDR (MT-003)
  6. Aspects of ADC Input Noise (MT-004)
  7. Aperture Time, Aperture Jitter, Aperture Delay Time (MT-007)
    1. The Effect of Clock Noise on Sampled Data Systems (ppt, 655,360 bytes)
  8. Converting Oscillator Phase Noise to Time Jitter (MT-008)
  9. The Power Spectral Density of Phase Noise and Jitter: Theory, Data Analysis, and Experimental Results (AN-1067)
  10. ADC Sparkle Codes and Metastable States (MT-011)

Digital to Analog Converters

  1. String DACs, Thermometer (Fully Decoded) DACs (MT-014)
  2. Binary DACs (MT-015)
  3. Segmented DACs (MT-016)
  4. Oversampling Interpolating DACs) (MT-017
  5. Intentionally Nonlinear DACs (MT-018)
  6. DAC Interface Fundamentals (MT-019)
  7. Fundamentals of Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) (MT-085)
  8. Digital Potentiometers (MT-091)

Analog to Digital Converters

  1. The Flash Converter (MT-020)
  2. Successive Approximation ADCs (MT-021)
  3. Sigma-Delta ADC Basics (MT-022)
  4. Sigma-Delta ADC Advanced Concepts and Applications (MT-023)
  5. Pipelined Subranging ADCs (MT-024)
  6. Folding ADCs (MT-025)
  7. Counting ADCs (MT-026)
  8. Integrating ADCs (MT-027)
  9. Voltage-to-Frequency Converters (MT-028)

High Speed System Applications

Signals and Systems

Table of Contents:

Active Filters

  1. FO and Q in Filters (MT-210)
  2. The Bessel Response (MT-204)
  3. The Butterworth Response (MT-224)
  4. The Chebyshev Response (MT-206)
  5. Biquadratic (Biquad) Filters (MT-205)
  6. Sallen-Key Filters (MT-222)
  7. Multiple Feedback Filters (MT-220)
  8. Multiple Feedback Band-Pass Design Example (MT-218)
  9. State Variable Filters (MT-223)
  10. Digitally Programmed State Variable Filter (MT-208)
  11. Allpass Filters (MT-202)
  12. Dual Amplifier Band-Pass (DABP) Filter (MT-209)
  13. Bainter Notch Filters (MT-203)
  14. Twin T Notch Filter (MT-225)
  15. Low-Pass to Band-Pass Filter Transformation (MT-215)
  16. Low-Pass to Band-Reject (Notch) Filter Transformation (MT-216)
  17. Low-Pass to High-Pass Filter Transformation (MT-217)

eBooks in pdf:

Individual chapters--or a zip file containing all chapters--of these book chapters and seminar notes can be downloaded by selecting the appropriate links below.

Introduction to Electronics I and II:

ADI Wiki eText

Electronics I and II

The Scientist & Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing

by Steven W. Smith

DSP eBook

The Data Conversion Handbook

edited by Walt Kester

Data Converter eBook

Mixed Signal and DSP Design Techniques

edited by Walt Kester

Mixed Signal Techniques eBook

Op Amp Applications Handbook

edited by Walt Jung

Op Amp Applications eBook

A Designer's Guide To Instrumentation Amplifiers (3rd Edition)

written by Charles Kitchin and Lew Counts

Instrumentation Amplifier eBook

Linear Circuit Design Handbook

edited by Hank Zumbahlen

Basic Linear Design eBook

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