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Linux Drivers

Building the ADI Linux kernel

Common elements for all kernel builds:

  • make sure you have make installed on your system, but we generally recommend installing the build-essentials tools for your Linux distribution
  • some builds will require you to have u-boot-tools installed, to have the mkimage utilities available, so it's good to have them available/installed

If you would like a pre-compiled kernel with complete user space, check out ADI's Kuiper Linux Distribution

Target specific details:

The rapid increase in use of free and open-source software (FOSS), in particular Linux, represents the most significant, all-encompassing, and long-term trend that the embedded industry has seen since the early 1980s.1) Like many, Analog Devices creates and maintains Linux Drivers for various Analog Devices products.

Life Cycle

Analog Devices uses six designations to inform our customers where a semiconductor product is in its life cycle. From emerging innovations to products which have been in production for twenty years, we understand that insight into life cycle status is important. Device life cycles are tracked on their individual product pages on, and should always be consulted before making any design decisions. Drivers for obsolete devices are still tracked/maintained/supported on a best effort basis, since we understand the life cycle of end products that ADI's devices are designed into can be longer than the life cycle of the semiconductor product itself.

Maintenance and Support

These drivers are a combinations of written and maintained by Analog Devices developers, and by many other open source volunteers (most times end-users of various devices). All these drivers (and their corresponding device trees), independent of origin, are supported by ADI Linux kernel Engineers, on-line at linux-software-drivers. This is a combination of drivers that are maintained at Analog Devices github and the mainline mainline kernel at

It is a common practice during driver development to support a subset of what the hardware/chip is capable of. If you find a driver does not expose a feature you require in your design, please make a request in our support forums.


If you find a ADI device that you would like a driver for, please ask on our support forums. While we would like support every request, and do try to support most; this does go through a quick internal process before development starts. Our metrics to create device driver additions are pretty simple, it depends on development efforts (adding a part into an existing subsystem is easier than developing a completely new subsystem, or extending something), and popularity of the device (we are much more likely to do something that is recently released, than something 25 years old). If you have a local ADI contact (like a Sales Engineer or FAE) it's always a great idea to contact them at the same time so we can better understand your application and schedule. If you are an ADI employee who wants to make a request, click on Submit Reference Design Idea (under Tools and Services) on the main intranet page.

Driver List

Devices are organized by Linux subsystem.


Battery Charger

Battery Gas Gauge

Battery Manager


Card Bus


Secondary function

HWMon & PMBus



Ethernet PHY

Ethernet MAC-PHY

I2C Mux

IIO - Accelerometers

IIO - Amplifiers

IIO - Analog to Digital Converters

IIO - Beamformers

IIO - Capacitance to Digital Converters

IIO - Combined Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog converters

IIO - Digital to Analog Converters

IIO - Direct Digital Synthesis

IIO - Filters

IIO - Frequency Synthesizers / Phase-Locked Loop

IIO - Gyroscopes

IIO - Heart-Rate

IIO - Impedance Converters and Network Analyzers

IIO - Inertial Measurement Units

IIO - Light

IIO - Mixed Signal Front Ends (MxFE)

IIO - Potentiometers

IIO - Resolvers

IIO - Receivers

IIO - Transceivers

IIO - Temperature

IIO - Vector Power Measurement

Input - Keyboard

Input - Misc

Input - Touchscreens



Multifunction Device


Networking - MAC802154

Real Time Clocks








1-Wire Controller

1-Wire Peripheral

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