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Analysis | Control | Evaluation (ACE) Software

The ACE software installers and available plug-ins are now at on the Analog Devices website.

Known Issues

Board & Chip Diagrams Distorted (Regional Formatting Bug)

There is a known issue with some regional formats that causes bad loading and rendering of board and chip views. When the problem occurs, you may see some shapes appear with missing content and exaggerated size. The problem is particular to formats that use a comma (',') or any character besides '.' as the decimal separator.

We will be working on a solution, but in the meantime there is a workaround.

To use the workaround, you need to temporarily change the format settings in Windows to a format that uses '.' as the decimal separator such as English (United States). For example, in Windows 7, you can access the setting through Control Panel → Change display language, click the Formats tab, and select “English (United States)” in the “Format” drop-down.

This issue is addressed in ACE versions 1.7+

 Region and Language : Formats

ACE or SDP Driver Install Fails or Warns me the driver/exe is unsigned

Warnings may be safely ignored and dismissed, but they do highlight likely issues with your PC. The SDPDrivers and ACE package uses the latest signing technology and your PC may be out of date and unable to recognise the signing key.

  1. Make sure the PC is connected to the Internet and can get root certificate updates, normally this happens automatically.
    1. Check group policies to automatically update these run gpedit.msc
    2. Make sure the setting below is either Not Configured or Disabled
    3. UpdateRoot.png
    4. If you can't connect to the internet e.g. an “air gapped” lab PC. Try downloading a suitable update package from Microsoft to remedy the issue and transfer it via USB.
  2. Check for and install all the latest Windows updates
  3. Check your group policy settings, these may be controlled by IT or a System Administrator
    1. Ideally select Warn as the safer option in case you later encounter malicious software
    2. Run gpedit.msc and navigate to the setting below
    3. CodeSigning.png

ACEZIP File Installation Unsuccessful Due to Security Block

In some cases downloading an ACEZIP file from an e-mail or from a remote/networked location has caused the file to become blocked by a security feature in Windows. This is not made clear during the download process but when the user attempts to install the ACE plug-in it will not work correctly.

If this happens, follow these steps to verify the ACEZIP has not been blocked and resolve the issue if it has:

  1. Right click the file.
  2. Select properties in the context menu.
  3. Under the General tab, if a file has been blocked a new Security tag and Unblock button will have appeared.
  4. Click Unblock.
  5. Retry the plug-in installation by double clicking the ACEZIP.

ACE Does Not Discover High-Speed DAC Eval Boards

The High-Speed DAC boards have a second on-board USB controller, make sure this is connected as well as the main FPGA controller board. To avoid potential confusion, ACE only reports boards on the second controller (where it is required).

There is also a known driver conflict issue between the NI VISA driver and Keysight's VISA driver (used for automation of equipment). To work around this, you will need to uninstall the Keysight Driver.

If you need to automate equipment and use ACE at the same time you might have to use two separate PCs. The ACE remote control/scripting interface can be used by networking the PCs and setting Firewall rules appropriately.

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