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Preparing your Laptop or PC for Large Captures

You may need to contact your system administrator or IT department before changing these settings
  1. Ensure you have at least 100GB of free disk space and at least 16GB of RAM.
  2. Navigate to “System” in Control Panel (Windows 10)
  3. Go to “Advanced System Settings”
  4. Go to Performance and Settings
  5. Go to Advanced and Select “Change”
  6. Choose the option to “Automatically manage paging file…”
Continuous use of paging files with an SSD based storage device may result in excessive wear!

Limitations and What to Expect

  1. Not all ACE plug-ins can support or have been updated to support large captures.
  2. The size of your paging file and amount of RAM your PC or Laptop has.
  3. Most Capture Controllers (e.g. ADS7-V2) take a snapshot to onboard RAM as the data rate is often too high to continuously transfer to the PC (reliably). For the SDP-H1 that's 64MB and the ADS7-V2 about 4GB.
  4. The FFT analysis library is limited to (2^31)-1 element double arrays. Note that Complex Samples are passed as an interleaved double array, the limitation for Complex FFTs is 2^30 I&Q samples.
  5. Depending on the size of the Capture it could take a long time.
  6. As the operation is memory intensive some applications may stop responding or your system may become unstable.

Capturing Raw Data to File to Avoid Delays

If you want to do large captures, we still recommend that you capture the raw data directly to file using the Remote Control service and a scripting/automation language of your choice. e.g. Python, Matlab or Labview. This will bypass the ACE GUI and analysis libraries and allow you to work with the data directly.

ACE Plug-ins that Support Large Captures

We will add to this list as we are informed of plug-in updates, this is not authoritative, always check for plug-in and ACE updates.

  • AD9208
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