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Technical Guides

MLVDS Design Guide

  • This document is intended to provide a quick reference and introduction to Multipoint Low Voltage Differential Signalling (Multipoint LVDS or M-LVDS). In addition to introducing MLVDS, overviews will be given of relevant topics relating to MLVDS bus implementations.

CN-0196 Controll Signal Converter

  • Circuit (Addendum) to build an interface between your signal generator and the H-Bridge signal input of the CN-0196 Evaluation bord from CFTL

ADIS16000/ADIS16229 User Guide (Under Construction)

  • This User Guide will complement the information in the ADIS16000/ADIS16229 Datasheet and help guide both preliminary evaluation and system design with these wireless vibration sensing devices.

ADIsimADC and ADIsimDAC Technical Guide

  • This technical guide offers a quick overview of ADIsim and links to additional resources.

ADI-SPI Serial Control Interface Standard Guide (SPI)

  • This technical guide offers a quick overview of ADI-SPI and links to additional resources.
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