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Getting Started with CrossCore Embedded Studio


CrossCore® Embedded Studio (CCES) is the latest Integrated Development Environment (IDE) from Analog Devices, Inc., used during development of embedded applications on ADI's processors. The CCES IDE is built upon Eclipse, a multi-language, open-source software development environment. CCES provides complete graphical control of the edit, build, and debug processes and allows for very easy switching between them.

The CCES environment is a completely new departure from the previous VisualDSP++ development tools. In addition to the IDE itself changing, which provides numerous feature improvements in the way of code generation tools, debug capabilities, etc., this introduces a certain level of complexity for legacy users already familiar with the VisualDSP++ environment. Additionally, the way in which middleware is provided is also different in CCES, as is the means of providing documentation associated with the processors and supporting software tools.

While VisualDSP++ provided a single installation comprised of the IDE, tool chain, example directories for all available evaluation platforms (including board-level drivers and application-specific example projects), and ADI-developed middleware supporting operating systems, file systems, USB and Ethernet stacks, this is no longer the case with CCES. Rather, CCES employs a modular approach in support of ADI evaluation platforms.

For more information on creating new applications, loading examples, debugging applications, writing to flash memory, etc., please refer to the following topics:

For help with additional topics please visit the Software and Development tools forum on EngineerZone.

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