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Online Help

CCES Online Help contains all the documentation in support of embedded application development, from the assembler, compiler, linker, and loader tool chain manuals to the firmware (system services and device drivers, etc.) user guides to the hardware evaluation system manual to the processor hardware reference and programmer’s reference manuals (including any installed BSPs).

To access CCES Online Help, go to Help → Help Contents, as shown in Figure 1:

Figure 1. Accessing CCES Online Help

The Help Contents update with every installation of a BSP or version of CCES installed onto the system. As you can see in Figure 2, the Help displays each version of a BSP you have installed and contains the relevant documentation for each revision of the installed BSP.

Figure 2. CrossCore Embedded Studio Online Help

Example Browser

The Example Browser indexes all the examples included in CCES and any installed BSP, sorted into two categories - Example Projects and Code Sketches. Example Projects are complete examples that are specific to a processor platform, usually an EZ-Kit or an expansion board. When selected, these projects are imported into CCES as complete, functional examples including all the required source, headers, libraries, LDF, and System Configuration files. Examples include Power-On Self-Tests (POST) to bring a board up and test all the interfaces, audio talkthroughs, LED management functions, parallel/serial flash memory programming drivers, etc.

A Code Sketch is simply a snippet of code that properly sets up a specific feature or function. It can be copied into a source file in your project to configure something like the Core Timer, at which point edits can be made to tailor the configuration to your requirements. To open the Example Browser, use the Help → Browse Examples pull-down, as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3. Launching Example Browser

When the Example Browser is launched, you will see a wide range of filter criteria, allowing for fine navigation all the way down to a specific add-in on a specific processor. In the results section, unique icons designate whether the example is an Example Project or a Code Sketch, as shown in Figure 4. To open an example select it in the search results window and click Open example.

Figure 4. Example Browser

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