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Board Support Packages (BSP)

Board Support Packages are downloadable plug-ins to CCES in support of evaluation systems and EI3 expansion cards. They contain specific code examples and drivers in support of the processor and other system components resident on the board (parallel/serial memory, converters, audio codecs, etc.). When installed, the code examples become available to CCES features like search and the example browser, and the supporting documentation gets installed into the CCES Online Help. These BSPs are available from on the respective product pages.

Power On Self Test

In order to ship our EZ-KITs to customers we need to verify that they are working properly. The Power On Self Test is one of the ways we ensure that our EZ-KITs function correctly. The Power On Self Test includes many of the drivers and services available for that particular processor since it has to test all components of the board. This is often the goto example for customers looking for sample code for a particular peripheral.

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