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AD9213-EVB HDL reference design

The reference design supports the following evaluation board:

Hardware Evaluation Document
AD9213 AD9213

Supported Carriers

Building the HDL project

General build instructions can be found here: Building HDL

Block Diagram

The data path and clock domains are depicted on the below diagram:

The design has one JESD receive chain having 16 lanes at rate of 12.5Gbps. The JESD receive chain consists of a physical layer represented by an XCVR module, a link layer represented by an RX JESD LINK module. The transport layer is common and is represented by a RX JESD TPL module. The link operates in Subclass 1 by using the SYSREF signal to edge align the internal local multiframe clock and to release the received data in the same moment from all lanes, therefore ensuring that data from all channels is synchronized at the application layer.

The link is set for full bandwidth mode and operates with the following parameters:

  • Deframer paramaters: L=16, M=1, F=2, S=16, N’=16, N=16
  • GLBLCLK – 312.5MHz (Lane Rate/40)
  • REFCLK – 625 MHz (Lane Rate/20)
  • SYSREF – 19.53MHz (DEVCLK/512)
  • DEVCLK – 10000MHz
  • JESD204B Lane Rate – 12.5Gbps

Clock sources

The clock sources are depicted on the below diagram:

More Information


Analog Devices will provide limited online support for anyone using the core with Analog Devices components (ADC, DAC, Video, Audio, etc) via the EngineerZone.

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