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Hardware Setup Guide

Supported Carriers

Required Hardware

  • AD-FMCMOTCON2-EBZ - Controller board
  • AD-DRVLV2-EBZ - Low voltage drive board
  • AD-DYNO2-EBZ - Dynamo-meter Drive System (Optional)
  • 12V - 48V capable DC power supply

Getting Started

  • Connect the Low voltage drive board to the Controller board.
  • Connect the Controller + Drive boards assembly to FMC connector of the ZedBoard
  • Insert the 6 pin Hall connector into P7 - pin 1 is the empty slot of the Hall connector. In case an encoder is used there is a one to one corespondence of the encoder's pins to the pins of the P7 connector.

Hall connector

  • Insert the 5V supply in the left side of the DYNAMO-METER DRIVE SYSTEM

Dynamo-meter Drive System

  • Ensure that the Emergency Stop button P2 is pressed (more information about drive board buttons here)

Motor and Power connections

  • Insert the 3 pin motor connector into P1 and connect the lab power supply to P4 (more information about drive board connectors here)

Motor and Power connections

  • Power on the ZedBoard
  • After the board is programmed, in order to start the motor, the Emergency Stop button P2 must be released and then the Reset switch S1 must be pressed for a few seconds.

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