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EVAL-ADTF3175D-NXZ Startup Guide

Kit Contents

  • ADTF3175-NXZ Evaluation Module
    • ADTF3175 Imager Module
    • i.MX8 M Plus SOM (SolidRun)
    • Camera Interface Board
    • ADSD3500 Interposer board
  • 16GB flashed microSD card (Inserted in module sd card slot)
  • USB-C to USB-C cable. Supports PD 2.0, and USB 3.1
  • Tripod

Software Download

  • GUI Install Guide: Link


  • Remove camera from packaging
  • Mount camera. Orientation shown in image below

  • Connect USB-C cable to module

  • Connect USB-C to laptop (for additional connection options please check “Connectivity” section)
  • The following leds must turn on before moving to next steps:
    • Green led under USB-C connector
    • Blinking led on NXP SOM
    • Blue led on ADSD3500 interposer board
  • Look at available network connections, an 'Unidentified Network' with no internet access must show up, as shown in the image below

Using the wall adaptor to power up camera

It is possible to power up the camera by using an external wall adaptor. As long as the cable has USB-C on one side and the wall adaptor can support at least 5W.

In this case the USB-C cable cannot be used to transfer data over to the PC. The user will have to communicate through an IX ethernet cable as the one shown below: -

Setup as follows:

  • Connect wall adaptor with USB-C cable to power outlet and camera
  • Connect IX ethernet cable to router and camera

  • Ensure your laptop is connected to router (WIFI or Ethernet is okay)
    • Please note there will be frame drops by using WIFI or Ethernet in comparison to USB-C
  • Find IP address of camera (Multiple options)
    • Connect to router and find IP address of camera ( can usually take you to your router menu)
    • Connect to NXP via micro-USB cable and get ip address
      • For instructions please check Connecting to adtf-3175x
      • Once logged in run 'ip addr' command and find IP address as shown in red below. In this case the IP address is

  • To run the GUI change 'camera_ip' parameter to IP found above in the tof-tools.config file in “TOF_Evaluation_ADTF3175D-RelX.X.X\bin” folder (Open with notepad)

  • Run GUI


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