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Troubleshooting Guide


Known Issues

  • AB Shift - As the user switches from MP to QMP the AB image shifts alongside the x axis to the right


  • The GUI cannot find the camera
    • Are the lights on the NXP on? One flashing and the other one static?
      • Do you get a reply if you run “ping” command from cmd?
        • No:
          • Ensure no apps on pc are connected to the camera
          • Disconnect from any VPNs
          • Change USB-C cable
          • Try connecting a USB-C hub in between camera and PC
        • Yes:

ADSD3100 or ADTF3175

Known Issues

  • Green light on NXP platform turns on, camera is not detected by GUI
    • Reconnect the kit to the pc, this can take multiple tries (3-5 times)
  • GUI crashes, last line on log (stored in 'log' folder) says: “successfully requested frame!”
    • Restart GUI without reconnecting the camera, stream should start
  • Some PCs/Laptops might fail PD negotiation. User can connect to camera, however GUI is fails to get frames
    • Known laptops that fail
      • DELL Precision 5540
      • DELL Precision 5560
    • Workarounds
      • Connect USB-C hub between camera and NXP kit
      • Use NXP Image with PD disabled : LINK


  • GUI unable to find camera
    • Log message : 'Failed to write the length of the request string. Error: -2147024463'
    • Reconnect camera
  • GUI can capture qmp frames only, fps is very slow (<3-5fps)
    • Change power mode on laptop to 'Best performance'
    • Connect power supply to laptop
    • Connect a USB-C Hub with external power supply
  • Camera not showing up on drop down menu
    • Click 'Refresh Devices' to get updated list
    • Disconnect the camera and quit GUI
    • Connect the camera and ensure it shows up on Device Manager as UVC Camera
    • Start GUI
  • GUI stuck
    • Typically occurs when mode switching fails. Restart GUI and power cycle camera
    • Ensure that camera playback is stopped before switching modes
  • GUI Crashes on Play (Windows)
    • If above step doesn't work, install OpenCL GPU binaries : Instructions
      • Copy the contents from TOF_DepthComputeEngine_Windows-Rel3.0.0\prebuilt_binary\ to TOF_Evaluation_ADTF3175D-Rel3.2.0.1\bin\ folder
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