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   - [[./​hacking/​power_amp|Controlling an external Power Amp]]   - [[./​hacking/​power_amp|Controlling an external Power Amp]]
   - [[./​help_support|Help and Support]]   - [[./​help_support|Help and Support]]
 +====== Resources For Building Your Own SDR ======
 +Hopefully you have reviewed the documentation on the [[/​resources/​eval/​user-guides/​ad-fmcomms2-ebz/​ad9361|AD9361]],​ and the [[/​resources/​eval/​user-guides/​ad-fmcomms2-ebz|FMCOMMS2]],​ [[/​resources/​eval/​user-guides/​ad-fmcomms3-ebz|FMCOMMS3]],​ [[/​resources/​eval/​user-guides/​ad-fmcomms4-ebz|FMCOMMS4]]. Those guides provide alot of background on the combination of the [[adi>​ad9361]],​ [[adi>​ad9363]],​ or [[adi>​ad9364]] and the Xilinx Zynq.
 +  - [[./​engineers/​testing|Testing]] the ADALM-PLUTO SDR.
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