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SigmaStudio+ Settings

This section provides the brief overview of SigmaStudio+ settings.

The SS+ settings page can be navigated from the Tools - > Settings section in the top tool navigation bar.

The SS+ Settings page is divided into 5 parts
1. This section specifies the Application related settings.

  • Launch State which has option to check and uncheck Maximized option
  • Display 'Help' During Startup - A check box to choose if the 'Help' page has to be displayed or not during the startup

2. This section specifies the canvas related settings.

  • Show Rulers - A checkbox option to whether show rulers or not on the canvas. The below image shows the result of a canvas when the option is enabled.

  • Enable Resize - This option gives a way to resize shapes on the canvas to a desired size.
  • Enable Rotate - This option provides a way to rotate shapes on the canvas which can toggled accordingly.
  • Background - An option to set the background to 2 options namely Dark and Light, the default selection is Dark.

3. This section specifies the processor related settings.

  • Target Verification - An option to verify the target on compilation.
  • Auto Export System Files - When checked SS+ exports system files automatically after compilation.

4. This section is for custom platforms.

This section provides an option to specify the folder location which can be used to define new platforms. The SS+ tool uses this location to add newly defined platforms in the Treetoolbox view.

5. This section is for scripting related settings.

In this section the port number can be specified which will be used by the scripting tool and also provides an option to configure the port.

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