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Defining new Platforms

This section provides the steps the users can follow to create their platform in SigmaStudio+ project. Defining platforms allows users to define their own platforms with specific configurations which can then be easily reused to build schematics.

Following are the steps required to define a new platform:

Step 1: Create a Custom Platform

Drag and Drop Custom Platform → populate the contents as you want in your platform → Update the label of custom platform with the name you want in your new platform. Below is the image of a custom platform which is connected on the system canvas and subsequently will be used to define a new platform.

Below is the image of the content of the custom platform

Step 2: Defining the directory

In the top navigation menu select Tools → Settings and under the Custom Platform section define a location where the shape to be defined can be saved, the tool recursively looks for the files with extension '.shapes' and replicates the similar structure in the tree toolbox of the SigmaStudio+ application

Step 3: Save the platform shape

The custom platform shape defined can be saved onto the location defined in the previous step using 'Save Shape Contents'.

While saving the users can specify the folder where they want to save and name their platform shape.

Step 4: Close and re-open the application

The SigmaStudio+ application updated with the windows defined directory structure and a ready-to-use newly defined platform upon close and restart of the application, note that this is a mandatory step. The new platform shape can then be easily dragged and dropped onto the canvas. Below is the image for the folder structure defined and how its represented in SigmaStudio+ application.

Step 5: Drag and drop the newly defined platform

Now, the users can easily drag and drop and connect the newly defined platform. The below image shows the complete representation of a newly defined platform in use.

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