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Update Numeric Property

This action allows the user to update a numeric property of a given plugin. The function call takes in 3 arguments. Return type is a SSPResult which contains a IsSuccess flag for success/failure and Message in the form of list of strings.


SSPResult UpdateNumericProperty(string elementUid, string propertyName, double propertyVal);


  1. elementUid - Uid of shape whose property must be updated.
  2. propertyName - Name of the Boolean property to be updated.
  3. propertyVal - New numeric value for the property.


SSPResult contains 'IsSuccess' flag and 'Message' information of the UpdateNumericProperty action.

  1. IsSuccess is 'True' if the property updated successful, else 'False'.
  2. Message contains the Success/Failure information in the form of list of string.

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