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SigmaStudio - SigmaStudio+ Comparison

OS, Installer, Supported Targets
OS Supported Only Windows Only Windows
Installers * ADI_SigmaStudio-Relx.y-x64.exe - SigmaDSP, Codecs and Power Amps support
* SigmaStudioForSHARC-SH-Relx.y.z_<release category>.exe - SHARC and Griffin support
Single installer ADI_SigmaStudioPlus-Relx.y.z.exe for tool, SigmaDSP, SHARC, Griffin, Codecs and Power Amps support
Command line execution (without launching the UI) Not supported Supported
Scripting Interface Supported through COM Compliant APIs. Limited application operations and module controls are supported Supported through Apache Thrift. Wider application operations and modules controls are supported
Supported Targets Sigma 100
Sigma 200
Sigma 300/350
Power Amps
Future processors from ADI will not be supported
Sigma 300/350
Codecs (Planned)
Power Amps (Planned)
Future processors from ADI will be supported only on SigmaStudio+
Inbuilt Software Update Not Supported Supported
Multi-Application Instance Only single instance supported. Multiple projects can be opened simultaneously in the instance Multiple instances of the application can be launched simultaneously. Only one project per instance at a time.
Version Controllable Projects Files Binary Project File. Not supported Text Project File. Easy to find difference/modification and version control
User Interface
Visual Design Outdated


Color Themes Not supported Possible. Currently only one theme (Dark) supported
Zoom/Resize/Rotate Not supported Supported
Multiple Application Layout Not supported 2 customizable layouts are supported. Switch between these layouts with a single click
Mini-Map for Navigation Not supported Supported
Error Highlighting Not supported Supported
Output Console Window Not supported Supported
Module Library
Search Functionality Not supported Supported
Support for Module Variants Separately listed. Difficult to select or switch
Consolidated into a single module. Easy to use
Alternate Signal Flow Diagrams Not supported Supported. Unlimited signal flow diagrams can be added and one of the diagrams can be set as active
Algorithm Designer for Module Integration Supported Supported. More intuitive workflow
Downloadable Addins Manager Supported Supported
Advanced Features
Integration of ADI A2B and Audio Processing Not supported Supported
System Design Not supported Supported. Design projects with DSPs, Codecs, Transceivers etc.
Support for Multi-Core, Multi-Instance DSP Processing Supported. UI Representation is not intuitive Supported using hierarchical representation of project elements using project tree
Independent Tuning Tool Not supported Supported
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