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Audio Signal Router Index Selectable

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Audio Signal router mixes M different inputs to N different outputs with various gains. The number of input and output pins are configurable.


This module supports multiple mixer configurations. Each mixer configuration has gains for all the inputs and outputs. A separate gain is available for each of input output combination also. All the gains has a corresponding mute control to quickly mute the particular gain. The current mixer (Mix #) can be changed during the runtime.

The following equations show the calculation of the output for given sample mixer table.

Out0 Out1
Og0 Og1
In0 Ig0 G00 G01
In1 Ig1 G10 G11
  1. Out0 = Og0 * ( G00 * Ig0 * In0 + G10 * Ig1 * In1)
  2. Out1 = Og1 * ( G01 * Ig0 * In0 + G11 * Ig1 * In1)

If the input/output channels are more than 17, then the mixer window is split for 17 input/output channels to improve GUI performance.

Labels for each of the input/output channels can be edited. This updated channel name will pear on the each of the Pin's tooltip as show below.

DSP Parameter Information

Compiler NameFunction Description
InputGain_t_iGain for the Mix t and Input i.
OutputGain_t_jGain for the Mix t and Output j.
CrossGain_t_j_iCrossGain for the Mix t, Output j and Input i.
TabIndex Current Mix to apply

Note:Here t,i and j starts from 0.
All the parameter names are appended with the algorithm name (e.g.)AudioSignalRouterIndxSel32S300Alg1InputGain_0_0

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