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I2C Periodic Read

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The 'I2C Periodic Read' block reads a particular sub address from any I2C slave periodically and sends the value read in the output pin.

Click on the configure button to configure the parameters for I2C read.

Create Multiple instances for monitoring multiple slaves/ multiple sub address from same slave.

GUI Control

GUI Control NameDefault ValueRangeFunction Description
Bitrate400 kHz 20 - 400 kHzI2C Speed
Device Address00 – 127I2C Slave Device Address
Read Address00 to Pow(2, Address Length) - 1Sub- address of the slave to be read
Address Length21-4 Length of the sub address
Data Length41-4 Length of the data to be read
Read Interval1 ms1 - 1000 msInterval between 2 consecutive I2C Read
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