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DSP Parameter Read

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This module can be used to read any parameter/array of parameter values from schematic. Also it can write the read values to the file periodically.

Input Pins


Output Pins


Grow Algorithm

The module currently does not support grow/add functionality.


The DSP param readback module contains controls to initiate single read/continuous read.

GUI Control NameDefault ValueRangeFunction Description
Read Button- - Click on this button to initiate single read.
Continuous Read Circle- - Click on this circle to initiate continious read. This will be visible only if the continuous read is enabled in the readback configuration

After Link Compile Download right click on the module then select 'Configure…' to configure the parameter read options. After configuring, press read button/continuous read circle to initiate the read.

GUI Control NameDefault ValueRangeFunction Description
Block Name- All the modules name in the current schematic Lists all the modules in the current schematic.
Parameter Name- All the parameter in the module selected in 'Block Name' field. Lists all the parameter in the module selected in 'Block Name' field.
Address Enable CheckboxNot Checked Checked/Not Checked Enables the address field editable. When address field is editable 'Block Name' and 'Parameter Name' fields can not be edited.
Address--Address from which the data to be read from the target.
Parameter Length11-65536Number of values to be read from the parameter Address.
Enable Continuous Read Back CheckboxNot CheckedChecked/Not CheckedEnables the continuous readback button in the module
Readback Period500 ms500 - 2000 msPeriod at which read back to be initiated in continuous reaback mode
Output File Enable CheckboxNot Checked Checked/Not CheckedEnables the output file write option.
Output File --File to which the data to be written.
File Write Duration11-5 Duration for which file write operation occurs.


  • Output file write is supported only if the continuous read is enabled.
  • Once the file write is completed the continuous read will be stopped.
  • Any change in the schematic requires a new Link compile download for the updated parameters to appear in the configuration window.

Supported ICs

  1. ADAU145x
  2. 213xx
  3. 214xx
  4. SC5xx
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