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 </​xterm>​ </​xterm>​
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 +===== Finding ​ =====
 +An IIO context can have multiple logical devices, and sometimes not all devices will have a specific register interface. To find out which IIO device support register access, try (remember that ''​iio_attr''​ supports a ''​-D''​ option to look for debug attributes).
 +# **iio_attr ​ -u ip:​ -D**
 +IIO context has 4 devices:
 + iio:​device0,​ ad9361-phy: found 179 debug attributes
 + iio:​device1,​ xadc: found 0 debug attributes
 + iio:​device2,​ cf-ad9361-dds-core-lpc:​ found 1 debug attributes
 + iio:​device3,​ cf-ad9361-lpc:​ found 2 debug attributes
 +# **iio_attr ​ -u ip:​ -D . direct_reg_access**
 +dev '​ad9361-phy',​ debug attr '​direct_reg_access',​ value :'​0x0'​
 +dev '​cf-ad9361-dds-core-lpc',​ debug attr '​direct_reg_access',​ value :'​0x90162'​
 +dev '​cf-ad9361-lpc',​ debug attr '​direct_reg_access',​ value :'​0x0'​
 +From here you can see the three different devices that support the ''​iio_reg''​ tool.
 ===== Example =====  ===== Example ===== 
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