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iio_reg is part of the Libiio package, a library that has been developed to ease the development of software interfacing Linux Industrial I/O (IIO) devices. There are four main userspace helper/utilities:

  • iio_attr : read and write IIO attributes
  • iio_info : dump the IIO attributes
  • iio_readdev : read an IIO buffer device
  • iio_writedev : write an IIO buffer device
  • iio_reg : read or write SPI or I2C registers in an IIO device (useful to debug drivers)

analog@imhotep:~$ iio_reg -h

iio_reg <device> <register> [<value>]

Running Remote

The iio_reg application can also connect to a libiio remote device via IP. Prior in running iio_reg set the IIOD_REMOTE environmental variable.

This specifies any shell prompt running on the host or target

> export IIOD_REMOTE=IP address of the remote platform


# iio_reg ad9361-phy 0x3

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