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Portable Radio Reference Design

The Portable Radio Reference Design is a combination of ADRV9361-Z7035 PCB, carrier card, metal enclosure and additional smaller items (adapter PCBs, cables, connectors etc). The image below is one unit with plastic windows installed. The SOM, RF Shield, FPGA, and other connections are visible.

The system is fully contained inside of a 159.99mm x 78.00mm x 43.00mm (6.3“ x 3.071” x 1.69“) aluminum metal enclosure. Card guides on the inside of the case provide a secure shelf for the PCB's. Production units will be a blue metal etched with silkscreen providing part numbers, links to documentation and more.

 Portable Radio Reference Design

Note: this unit is for demonstration purposes only.

This is a picture of the radio part way through assembly. All of the major building blocks have been built, they are just waiting to be put together. The assembly instructions are detailed further down. Some of the smaller items (screws, spacers, nuts) are hard to see and aren't specifically called out in the picture. The PCB and belly plate are included twice to show both sides.

 Portable Radio Reference Design Deconstructed


This is a comprehensive list of files pertaining to the Portable Radio Reference Design. It include pdf's of the schematic, gerber files, board file in native format, bill of materials and other related information.


Information regarding the power supply design, mechanical considerations, battery maintenance and system logic. Each one of these plays a critical role in guaranteeing a robust system, as well as a friendly user experience.

Assembly and Test

Assembly and test of the Portable Radio Reference Design is almost as complicated as some of the hardware and software. At the very least, it occupies a significant amount of time and will cause headaches, finger aches and if you do not pay attention or follow directions, it will test your patience.

A detailed list of instructions is provided in the event you decided to open your Portable Radio Reference Design. Perhaps you are just assembling a unit. In either case, before you try to fix something or start building, have a look at the instructions provided below. There are a few pitfalls which can damage part of the radio and send you three steps back before you continue forward.

The worst thing you can do is finish assembling a unit and realize you forgot to attach the heatsink, or the cable brace, or you hear something rattling around on the inside. Please be patient, read first, build second.

There is also a picture gallery to document the travels and adventures of the radio.

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