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Module Upgrade

If you have an EVAL-ADTF317D-NXZ kit with serial numbers starting with 'CR' or 'DV11', the ADTF3175 modules on the kits are no longer supported (Release 4.3.0+). Please order a replacement module to update your system.

To do this please contact your local FAE to place a replacement order for ADTF3175XMLZ. Please provide the SO number for the previous order.

Why this is needed

The new ADTF3175 modules use updated sensor firmware which contain the following changes:

  • Thermal Compensation model added
  • Updated integration times
  • Updated laser safety features

Installation Instructions

What is needed

  • EVAL-ADTF3175D-NXZ module
  • ADTF3175 module
  • Phillips head screw driver
  • For some evaluation kits
    • Soldering iron

Installation Steps

  • Kit should be disconnected from power
  • Unscrew module cover from backplate

  • Carefully unscrew module from backplate, keeping track of screw and spacers

  • Pull up the module from backplate and disconnect the flex cable from the module. Leave the small aluminum blocks on the backplate

  • Kit should look like this with module removed

  • Connect the new module to the flex. This can be done by carefully pulling out the flex cable.

  • Place the spacers under the module

  • Slowly screw the module down, cycling between each corner to ensure that the aluminum thermal conductors are seated correctly.

  • Pictures of module screwed down to backplate

  • Screw the module cover to the backplate

What to do if your module does not stream

  • If you are able to connect to the camera (Log reads back adsd3500 firmware version) but unable start stream please try the following steps
  • Unscrew back cover of evaluation kit and check if R57 is populated. If the resistor is on your 068977 board please unsolder it
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