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EVAL-ADTF3175D-NXZ NVM upgrade guide

The ADSD3500 self boots from the NVM on the ADTF3175 module, and the host (IMX8M Plus) has no access. Therefore the host must communicate through the ADSD3500 to modify the contents of the NVM, which is typically required for upgrades. The DataCollect CLI allows the user to achieve this.

  • Download upgrade binary zipfile, and unzip binary file
  • Move upgrade_binary_xxxx.bin file to bin folder of software install location C:\Analog Devices\TOF_Evaluation_BM-Rel3.0.0\bin
  • Open command prompt and go to bin folder as shown below

  • Connect camera - ensure camera network is detected by the PC
  • Run the following command, using the appropriate firmware filename:
    • data_collect.exe --ip --fw firmware_upgrade_xxxx.bin tof-viewer_config.json

  • If the flash sequence finishes, wait 60s
  • power cycle the module
  • Run the GUI and check if the the ADSD3500 FW version has updated - 'Current adsd3500 firmware version is: X.X.X.X'

  • If the version number has not updated please check the NXP based option to update the firmware. There is a possibility that your PC's network security

Upgrade NVM with Datacollect NXP (2nd Option)

  • Download upgrade binary zipfile, and unzip binary file
  • Connect EVAL-ADTF3175D-NXZ module to pc, wait until windows partition is detected as hard-drive. Contents of the drive should look as the folder shown below.

  • Move upgrade file to windows partition and power cycle camera module
    • If your laptop encrypts data while moving files to external hard-drives map it as a network drive shown in Case 2 section here : Link

  • SSH into NXP platform
    • SSH with Putty example -
    • Host Name (or IP Address) : ; Port 22 ; SSH

  • NXP Username : analog ; Password : analog

  • Run the following commands to upgrade firmware (replace upgrade_firmware_xxxx.bin with your version)
    • cd Workspace/ToF/build/examples/data_collect
    • ./data_collect --fw /boot/firmware_upgrade_xxxx.bin config/config_default.json

  • Wait 60 seconds
  • Power cycle camera
  • Run GUI and check if the ADSD3500 version number has updated
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