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Data Collect Command Line Interface (CLI)


The Data Collect CLI can collect raw data from the depth module in .bin format. This be run through the Depth Compute CLI to convert to Depth, IR/AB(Active brightness), and XYZ frames

Flag descriptions:

  • --f : output data folder
  • --n : number of frames captured
  • --m : mode (Check correct mode numbers for your kit here: mode_table)
  • --wt : warmup time (seconds)
  • --ccb : stores ccb (Calibration parameters) file stored on NVM of imager module. Required for Depth Compute
  • --ip: Camera IP
  • --fw: Adsd3500 fw file
  • --split: Save each frame into a separate file
  • --netlinktest: Sends the same frame
  • --h : Call help string for all options

More information can be found in readme

Note: Camera IP is if you are using SDK v5.0.0 and if you are using SDK v4.3.0 or earlier

EVAL-ADTF3175D-NXZ Example

Since the ADTF3175D eval kit works via ethernet over usb, the user must specify the static ip of the camera module

  • Open Command Prompt from start menu and move to bin folder in GUI install location.
  • Please check the serial number of your kit to run the correct command
    • Run the following command if your serial number starts with DV11 or CR: (lr-native (mp), 1 frame capture, get ccb):
      • data_collect.exe --f “data_output” --m 10 --n 1 --ccb ../crXXX.ccb --ip tof-viewer_config.json
    • Run the following command if your serial number is similar to this 026am53200mb0ncca4 : (lr-native, 1 frame capture, get ccb) with latest GUI release:
      • data_collect.exe --f “data_output” --m 1 --n 1 --ccb ../crXXX.ccb --ip config_adsd3500_adsd3100.json
Note: In v5.0.0 --ft option is removed. The output of data collect is a .bin file which contain Active brightness, depth, confidence and point cloud. This frames can be visualized using ADIToFGUI.
Note: For SDK v4.3.0, data collect's default output is depth image. To get raw frame use --ft command line argument with 'RAW' option. Refer data_collect --h for mode command line options. The get ccb flag is only required for the first capture. Once the ccb of your module is stored, it can be reused while running tofi_depth_compute.exe

EVAL-ADSD3100-NXZ and EVAL-ADTF3175-NXZ Example

Capture 1 mp frame

  • Open Command Prompt from start menu and move to bin folder in GUI install location.
  • Run the following command : (Mode 10 - MP, 1 frame capture, get ccb)
    • data_collect.exe --f “../data_output” --m 10 --n 1 --ccb ../crXXX.ccb tof-viewer-config-adtf3175.json
The .json file selected must correspond to your module:
  • EVAL-ADTF3175D-NXZ : config_adsd3500_adsd3100.json

  • Raw data is stored as bin files in user defined folder
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