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How to setup and use SensorPal

SensorPal is an easy to use configuration tool designed to program the AD5940 and display measurement results. To download the latest SensorPal installer click on this link

SensorPal is designed to work with the the EVAL-AD5940BIOZ and EVAL-AD5940ELCZ evaluation kits.

Installation Instructions

  1. Navigate to the folder where the installer was downloaded and double click on SensorPal Installer_v2100.exe to launch the executable
  2. Follow the Install Wizard instructions to complete the setup.
  3. When complete click Finish

How to Use SensorPal

  1. To launch SensorPal go to the start menu→ All Programs→SensorPal
  2. To get started ensure the AD5940 evaluation kit is connected to the PC. Click on the Firmware Load button in the top toolbar as per below screenshot.
  3. Select the correct board, it should be similar to DAPLINK(E:\). Then click Update Firmware
  4. Once the firmware is loaded plug out the evaluation kit from the PC and reconnect to power cycle the hardware.
  5. In the center of the screen hit the refresh symbol beside the Com port drop-down text box. Then select the com port the ADICUP3029 microcontroller is connected to from the drop down list.
  6. To select an application to run, drag it from the left hand column of techniques and drop into the Work Area. A number of configurable parameters are available. Modify them as required.
  7. To begin a measurement click on the green Measure button to the right side of the GUI.
  8. The measurement results will be displayed in the graph window.
  9. To stop a measurement click on the Abort Measurement button.
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