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EVAL-AD5593R-PMDZ Overview

EVAL-AD5593R-PMDZ is a minimalist 8-channel, 12-Bit, Configurable ADC/DAC/GPIO with on-chip Reference, I2C interface PMOD module. This boards serve as low-cost alternatives to the full-featured product evaluation boards, with terminal block connections and no extra signal conditioning.

This user guide will focus on the hardware aspect of the EVAL-AD5593R-PMDZ including the connectors, indicators, and different configurations a user would require in order to use the hardware. There are also link to the design files as well as software reference designs that use the hardware with example embedded firmware for a real demo.

Simplified functional block diagram

Connectors and Configuration

The following section reviews all the hardware connectors and how to interface to them. It also reviews configurations options and well as important on board indicators.

Analog/Digital I/O Connector (P2 & P3)

Connector Pin No. Pin Name Pin Description
P2 1 CH3 Channel 3 Input/Output
2 CH2 Channel 2 Input/Output
3 CH1 Channel 1 Input/Output
4 CH0 Channel 0 Input/Output
5 GND Ground
6 VDD Power Supply
P3 1 VREF Voltage Reference
2 GND Ground
3 CH7 Channel 7 Input/Output
4 CH6 Channel 6 Input/Output
5 CH5 Channel 5 Input/Output
6 CH4 Channel 4 Input/Output

I2C PMOD Connector (P1)

The EVAL-AD5593R-PMDZ digital IMOD connector is described in the table below.

Pin No. Pin Name Pin Description
1 NC Not Connected
2 RST Reset Pin
3 SCL I2C Serial Clock
4 SDA I2C Serial Data
5 DGND Digital Ground
6 VDD Power Supply

Test Points

User can also check the I2C signal quality and voltage supply of the board using test points labeld RST, SCL, SDA, VLOGIC.

Voltage Reference Configuration

The default connection of AD5593R Vref pin is shorted at pin 1 of JP1 solder jumper where you can easily configure your voltage reference input at pin 1 of terminal block P3, either from external source or internal 2.5V

LED Indicator

The DS1 is the power green LED indicator of the board.

Schematic, PCB Layout, Bill of Materials

Software Examples & Demos

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