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This page captures the capabilities of ADRV9029 compared with the previous generation integrated DFE transceiver AD9375.

AD9375 ADRV9029
Approximate IBW 50 MHz 200 MHz
Technology node 65 nm 28 nm
Maximum DPD Sample Rate 250 MHz 1 GHz
Actuator Platform GMP 4 LUTs GMP 32 LUTs
GMP Features 23 95
Adaptation Rate per Tx Channel 250 ms 1s
CFR Support No Yes
GaN PA Support No Yes
Typical Applications Small Cell Small Cell, M-MIMO and Macro-cell 4G and 5G systems
Other Highlights * Dedicated ARM M4 Processor for DPD
* 96×96 HW Correlator
* HW Cholesky Decomposition for acceleration

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