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AD-PAARRAY3552R-SL Overview

About the Device

The AD-PAARRAY3552R-SL reference design provides control, protection, and proper biasing sequence of Gallium Nitride (GaN) and Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) power amplifier (PA) arrays, and is designed for massive multiple input - multiple output (MIMO) and macro base station RF front-end applications.

The system effectively manages the power-up and power-down progression of GaN power amplifiers while continuously monitoring crucial parameters such as drain voltages, drain current, gate voltages, and temperature.

The core of this solution is the AD3552R high-speed, dual-channel, 16-bit DAC, which supports ultrafast sub-µs voltage settling time of GaN gates.

It also features the LTC7000, a high-side NMOS static switch driver that adeptly handles key fault events such as overvoltage, overcurrent, and overtemperature.

The on-board MAX32666 ultralow power Arm Cortex-M4 microcontroller oversees the biasing sequence, sensor management, and user interface. The firmware can be effortlessly updated via SWD, UART-bootloader, facilitating rapid prototyping and development. Under normal operating conditions, the system can be powered from an external +48 V supply with approximately 3 A of current consumption.



  • Designed to cover full Tx signal chains with integrated MCU and user-friendly GUI for faster and easier integration
  • Supports fault event protection: overvoltage (OV), overcurrent (OC), and overtemperature (OT)
  • Robust GaN/GaAs power amplifier biasing at any power-up/power-down sequence
  • Supports ultrafast sub-µs GaN gate voltage switching ~ (<1 µs)
  • Supports ultrafast fault event protection from detection up to gate pinch-off (<10 µs)
  • Wide range of gate bias voltages from -10 V to +10 V
  • Wide range of drain bias voltage from +38 V to +55 V (adjustable)
  • Configurable power-up and power-down sequence
  • Can accommodate from two to four GaN/GaAs Power Amplifiers
  • Real-time monitoring of voltages, currents, and temperature.


  • 5G massive MIMOs
  • Macro base stations

System Architecture

Figure 1. AD-PAARRAY3552R-SL System Block Diagram


Drain Voltage Range +38 V to +55 V (can be adjusted from +4.5 V to +60 V)
Gate Voltage Range -10 V to +10 V
Drain Current 40 A
Gate Current ±1.6 mA
Gate Voltage Ripple 2 mV (p-p)
Fault Event
Overvoltage +55 V (can be adjusted from +4.5 V to +55 V)
Overcurrent 3.5 A (can be adjusted from 1.3 A to 5 A)
Overtemperature +75°C
Computing Resources
CPU MAX32666 Low-Power Arm Cortex-M4 with FPU-Based Microcontroller with Bluetooth 5 for Wearables
Memory 1 MB SRAM
Storage 64 MB QSPI Flash
User Interface & Control
Communication UART
Debugging SWD
Power Supply
External +48 V DC with higher current capabilities
Operating Conditions
Operating temperature -45°C to +75°C
Package Contents
1 x AD-PAARRAY3552R-SL board, 4 x Standoffs, 4 x Screws

The solution also comes with a pre-programmed firmware allowing the system to interface with a PC application for a system configuration, control, and data acquisition through serial interface.

In order to update the firmware on the on-board MCU, the user needs to purchase the MAX32625 PICO Evaluation Kit separately.

User Guides


Visit this page to learn how to install the firmware and use the application GUI:

Hardware Setup and Evaluation

Get complete access to hardware configuration, design files, and procedure on how to use the AD-PAARRAY3552R-SL:

Further Help

For questions and more information about this product, connect with us through the Analog Devices Engineer Zone.

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