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30kW SiC Bidirectional Charger


  • 3- Phase Interleaved Bidirectional charging
  • Buck mode in both directions
  • Boost mode in both directions
  • Typical efficiency - 98%
  • Half Bridge Topology with SiC Power Switchs
  • 1200V, 50A, 80kHz switching
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous Switching

Block Diagram

Product Details

The DC-DC Charger is a bidirectional charger for industrial applications. it can chage to 30KW typical power levels, with a 1000V Dc Link voltage to a battery voltage of 750V. Charging current can be up to 100A typically or 150A maximum. An efficiency of 98% can be expected with SiC power switch's, with a minimum efficiency at full load (35ºC) of 97%.

Safety Notice

SAFETY NOTICE - This is a high Voltage Board 1000V. Only qualified person to test this device in a suitable Lab environment.

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