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AD5758 + ADP1031 Eight Channel Analog Output Module


When designing channel-to-channel isolated analog output modules for process control applications such as programmable logic controller (PLC) or distributed control system (DCS) modules, the main trade-off usually considered is power dissipation vs. channel density. As module sizes shrink, and channel density increases, the power dissipation budget per channel must decrease to accommodate the maximum power dissipation budget for the module. Higher channel density also means that there is less PCB real estate available for each channel.

Figure 1 - Block diagram of a single channel

This Board is a demonstration a system level solution where the AD5758 and the ADP1031 can be used together to implement a compact, eight channel, channel-to-channel isolated, precision analog output (AO) module, while achieving less than 2 W worst case power dissipation over a wide range of operating conditions.

The ADP1031 solves the isolation and size challenges and the AD5758 provides a low power dissipation, precision, configurable current or voltage output channel.

This board uses the ADUCM3029 as the system controller to control each channel independently.

Figure 2 - Eight Channel Board

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