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 +====== ADALM2000 Tutorials ======
 +The [[university:​tools:​m2k|ADALM2000]] (M2K) Active Learning Module and [[university:​tools:​m2k:​scopy|Scopy]] software represents a powerful lab equipment in the educational area of electronics engineering,​ providing access to real circuits and concepts used in an actual real-time environment.
 +Besides the various [[university:​courses:​electronics:​labs|Lab Activities]] that can be performed, ADALM2000 is also a great alternative for engineers to evaluate/​debug their embedded systems projects.
 +A list of ADALM2000 tutorials was created in conjunction with other projects/​boards provided by Analog Devices, but they are developed in such a manner that can be easily adjusted to the user's needs.
 +The tutorials provided on this wiki are considered open source and available for free use. **The only requirement is that they continue to retain the attribution to Analog Devices Inc.** Supplying them on the ADI wiki allows registered users to contribute to the materials posted here improving the content and keeping them up to date. 
 +====Decoders Tutorials====
 +  - [[university:​courses:​electronics:​m2k-spi-debug|Debugging SPI with the ADALM2000]]
 +  - [[university:​courses:​electronics:​m2k-i2c-debug|Debugging I2C with the ADALM2000]]
 +  - [[university:​courses:​electronics:​m2k-uart-debug|Debugging UART with the ADALM2000]]
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