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AD7606 - No-OS Driver

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The AD7606 is a 8-/6-/4-Channel DAS with 16-Bit, Bipolar Input, Simultaneous Sampling ADC. Each part contains analog input clamp protection, a second-order antialiasing filter, a track-and-hold amplifier, a 16-bit charge redistribution successive approximation analog-to-digital converter (ADC), a flexible digital filter, a 2.5 V reference and reference buffer, and high speed serial and parallel interfaces. The AD7606 operate from a single 5 V supply and can accommodate ±10 V and ±5 V true bipolar input signals while sampling at throughput rates up to 200 kSPS for all channels. The input clamp protection circuitry can tolerate voltages up to ±16.5 V. The AD7606 has 1 MΩ analog input impedance regardless of sampling frequency. The single supply operation, on-chip filtering, and high input impedance eliminate the need for driver op amps and external bipolar supplies.

The AD7606C is a directly pin replacement (software and hardware) for both AD7608 and AD7609, with higher input impedance, throughput rate and extended temperature range with additional features such as 16/18-bit sample size, system gain/offset/phase calibration, sensor disconnect detection, lower Vdrive operation, diagnostics, additional oversampling ratios and per channel analog input range selection with bipolar differential, bipolar single-ended and unipolar single-ended options.


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