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Panels and Layouts

This section provides the brief overview of panels and layouts in SigmaStudio+ application.

Following are the different functionalities of panels and layout provided by SigmaStudio+ application:

* Users can Zoom in and zoom out canvas from the “View” section as shown in the image below. Alternatively, users can zoom in and zoom out by using “ctrl” + “+/-” or “ctrl” + “scroll up/down”.

* Users can enable/disable all the panels that we see in the canvas by checking/unchecking the corresponding panel. All the supported panels are listed in the “View” section given in the below image.

* Users can save their desired layout and can subsequently load the layout whenever they open the application next. Additionally, users can also reset the layout to system default (refer the image below).

* Users can move the default tab position to horizontal or vertical position as per their preference. (refer the image below).

Users can also move back to the previous group by right clicking on the desired tab (refer the image below).

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