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SigmaStudio+ tool supports the option of cut, copy and paste of elements on the canvas. In SigmaStudio+ it is possible to copy content from one instance and paste it onto the canvas of another instance. These actions can be achived through different ways. In the first method, a group of elements are selected and through the use of shortcut keys on the keyboard i.e. ctrl+c or ctrl+x for copy and cut respectively and ctrl+v for paste.

Individually the modules can be copied or cut using the context menu on the module which opens upon right click on it. The context menu has cut and copy options. On selecting these options, the particular module is copied/cut and upon right click on the empty canvas, paste option is visible, selection of which results in pasting of the copied/cut module. The images below depict the copy and paste actions through context menu.

There is also another option for copying the settings of a particular module. Through the context menu the properties of a particular module can be copied. After copying the settings, upon right click on different instance of the same type of module, the paste settings option in the context menu will be visible. Upon selecting the paste settings option, all the properties copied will be applied on to the destination module. The images below depict the action of copying and pasting settings from one instance to another.

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