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 typedef struct ADI_SS_COMM_CONFIG { bool bCRCBypass; 
                                     bool bFullPacketCRC; 
                                     ADI_SS_COMM_CMD4_CB pfCommCmd4CallBack; 
                                     ADI_SS_COMM_APP_ISR_CB pfSPIRxIsrCallBack; 
                                     ADI_SS_COMM_APP_ISR_CB pfSPITxIsrCallBack; 
                                     ADI_SS_COMM_SMAP_CB pfCommSMAPCallBack; 
                                     void* hConnectionHandle; 
                                     ADI_SS_MEM_SMAP *pMemSMap[MAX_NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS]; 
                                     ADI_SS_BACKCH_INFO *pBkChnlInfo[MAX_NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS]; 

The communication component configuration structure to be populated by the application.

• bCRCBypass A boolean flag to indicate bypassing of CRC check.
• bFullPacketCRC A boolean flag to indicate whether CRC check is required for the entire packet.
• pfCommCmd4CallBack Command 4 callback function pointer.
• pfSPIRxIsrCallBack ISR callback for Rx. The callback won’t be registered if this is NULL.
• pfSPITxIsrCallBack ISR callback for Tx. The callback won’t be registered if this is NULL.
• pfCommSMAPCallBack Application callback on receiving SMAP.
• hConnectionHandle Handle to connection component.
• pMemSMap SMAP pointers for each of the cores.
• pBkChnlInfo Pointers to Backchannel info structure for each of the cores.

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