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 typedef struct ADI_SS_COMM_BACKCH_INFO { uint32_t nProc; 
                                          uint32_t nCommandName; 
                                          uint32_t *pInData; 
                                          uint32_t nInDataSize; 
                                          uint32_t *pOutPacket; 

Backchannel information structure which needs to be populated by the function which calls adi_ss_comm_Packetize().

• nProc Processor ID for which this back channel data belongs. This field is currently ignored.
• nCommandName Back channel command.
• pInData Pointer to payload data which needs to be sent back to the host (backchannel data).
• nInDataSize Size of the back channel payload data in words.
• pOutPacket Pointer to back channel packet which should be transmitted.

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