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RMS Eq Blend


The RMS Equalizer blend module along with General (2nd-Order) block gives access to a wide variety of 2nd-order (biquad)filter algorithms along with equalization. Blend factor and slew rate modifications are common for all the stages.

The available filter types are:

  • Unordered List ItemOrdered List ItemParametric
  • Shelving
  • General High-Pass
  • General Low-Pass
  • General Band-Pass
  • General Band-Stop
  • Butterworth Low-Pass / High-Pass
  • Bessel Low-Pass / High-Pass
  • Tone Control
  • IIR Coefficient (direct coefficient entry)
  • 1st-Order Low-Pass / High-Pass
  • All-pass
  • Peaking
  • Notch
  • Chebyshev Low-Pass / High-Pass


To open the filter control window, click on the icon button. Select the desired filter type from the drop-down combo-box list. The filter controls and the icon button image will change to reflect the selected filter type. Also varying the threshold values and RMS time constant values would change the output values accordingly

Targets Supported

RMSEqBlend No No No Yes



Input0AudioInput Channel 0
Blend0ControlExternal Blend pin for SingleEqExtBlend variant


Output0AudioOutput channel 0

Configurable Parameters

GUI Parameter NameDefault ValueRangeFunction Description
Frequency10000 to 96000HzCut-off frequency
Gain0 dB-10 to +10 dBFilter Gain
Q1.411 to 15Q factor of the filter
NumChannels11 to 20Increases or decreases the number of input and output channels. Changing this requires re-compilation
NumStages11 to 20Increases or decreases the number of filter stages. Changing this requires re-compilation
Blend 00 to 1 Blend factor for the equalizer module
SlewRate 0.010.01 to 1Defines the rate at which input takes the new value
LowerThreshold0.010.01 to 24Defines the Lower threshold for the applying the RMS Blend value
UpperThreshold 0.010.01 to 24Defines the Upper threshold for the applying the RMS Blend value
RMSTC0.0010.001 to 6Defines the RMS time constant value

DSP Parameters

Parameter NameDescriptionADSP-214xx/SC5xx/215xx
Stage0_B0B0 Filter CoefficientFloat
Stage0_B1B1 Filter CoefficientFloat
Stage0_B2B2 Filter CoefficientFloat
Stage0_A1A1 Filter CoefficientFloat
Stage0_A2A2 Filter CoefficientFloat


  • Red - Stage Number (Changes for each stage coefficients)

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