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Output Window

All the output log messages, including error messages, generated upon project linking, compiling, and other actions performed on the project are displayed on the Output Window. By default, this window is docked at the bottom of the application. SigmaStudio+ navigates and highlights the source of error when user clicks on any error message displayed on the output window.

Following additional features are provided on the Output Window:

  1. Clear Entries - Clears the contents of the output window, which will be enabled only when the output window is not empty.
  2. Copy To Clipboard - Copies the entire output window content to clipboard.
  3. Enable Logging - - Enables logging functionality of the output window. Once enabled, every entry in the output window will be written to the file “OutputWindowLog_<DataAndTime>.txt” in “Log/OutputWindow” folder relative to SigmaStudio+ application. Every output window entry is logged to the file if the “Enable Logging” is checked. Once disabled, the output window stops logging messages to this file. On re-enabling the logging, a new output window log file is generated by SigmaStudio+, and messages displayed after enabling logging are further written to this new file.
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