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SigmaStudio Counters Algorithm Resource Summary

The information here is preliminary.

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CategoryAlgorithmExecuted InstructionsProgram RAMDATA RamParameter RAMDescriptionProcessors
CountersPulse Counter121240Counts the number of non-zero inputs it recieves.ADAU144x, ADAU176x, ADAU1781
CountersCounter121235Counts upward from a user-defined initial value and outputs the count value until the user-defined maximum is reached.ADAU144x, ADAU176x, ADAU1781
Stop WatchesStop Watch141431Allows for a start, stop, and reset counting mechanism.ADAU144x, ADAU176x, ADAU1781
Stop WatchesTimer - W/ External Reset151530Counts for a specified amoint of time and then sets a flag upon completion.ADAU144x, ADAU176x, ADAU1781
Stop WatchesStop Watch W/External Reset141430Allows for a start, stop, and reset counting mechanism. Includes external reset pin.ADAU144x, ADAU176x, ADAU1781
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