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Block Scalar Addition(ADAU145x)

Scalar Addition is a block processing module which adds a constant scalar value to each of the input samples in block of input samples

Input Pins

NameFormat [int/dec/float] - [control/audio]Function Description
Pin 0: Input decimal-audioInput signal to the module

Output Pins

NameFormat [int/dec/float] - [control/audio]Function Description
Pin 0: Output decimal-audio- audioOutput signal from the module

Grow Algorithm

The module supports growth functionality, the number of channels to the module can be grown. Add is not supported.

GUI Controls

GUI Control NameDefault ValueRangeFunction Description
Scalar 1 -128-127.99Scalar Value used for addition with input block of samples

DSP Parameter Information

GUI Control NameCompiler NameFunction Description
ScalarScalarAdditionBlkAlg1ScalarScalar Value for Addition


  • Green - Algorithm Name
  • Red - Instance Number (Changes for each instance)
  • Blue - Parameter Name

Algorithm Description

This module adds the scalar value specified in the textbox to each of the input samples in an input block.


In the example shown below, scalar value 110 is added to each of the DC block input samples of value 10

Supported IC's

1. ADAU145x

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