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Linear Gain

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The Linear Gain block scales the signal by the value specified in the text field.

  1. Drag it into the workspace.
  2. Right-click the block and select Add Algorithm > IC N >
    • Gain (slew)
    • Gain (no slew)
  3. (Slew instructions mean better quality but at the expense of memory.)
  4. Enter the desired scale factor into the text field.

For a sample design using this block, see the Basic DSP example.

The value you specify is in 5.23 format (5 bits for the integer, 23 for the decimal). The accepted values for this block are therefore in the range: -16 - 15.999.

You can choose a slew or no-slew algorithm. Using slew RAM gradually ramps the signal from original to target value, while using no-slew RAM jumps the signal immediately.

For more information on target/slew ram, see Target Slew RAM in the Basic Sigma DSP Architecture book section of this wiki.

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