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Beam Forming Designer

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Beam-former algorithm with fractional delay combines signals in a manner which increases the signal strength to/from a chosen direction. Signals to/from other directions are combined in a benign or destructive manner, resulting in degradation of the signal to/from the undesired direction.

Targets Supported

Name ADSP-214xx ADSP-215xx/SC5xx ADAU145x/146x
Beamforming Designer Block Block Sample



Rear MicrophoneAudioInput Channel0
Front microphoneAudioInput Channel1


Output0AudioOutput channel0

Grow & Add Algorithm

The module does not support both Grow and Add Algorithm.

Configurable Parameters

GUI Parameter NameDefault ValueRangeFunction Description
Max Delay11 to 5000 Maximum Delay Supported
Current Delay3 0 to 100Delay as % of Maximum Delay
Show Design WindowNANALaunches the “Beam Former Designer”. The settings on the Designer doesn’t impact the parameters.

DSP Parameters

Parameter NameDescriptionADSP-214xx/SC5xx/215xx/ADAU1466
Slope Length of the delay buffer= MaxDelayInteger
DelayCurrent Delay= CurrentDelay/100Float

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