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This guide refers to the pre-2007 version of the ADAU1701 evaluation board. It will be updated soon. For updated user guide information, check here: UG-072.pdf.

Your First Project: Stereo Audio Input/Output with Volume Control

  • Launch SigmaStudio and create a new project. The Hardware Configuration tab and workspace will display.
  • Drag a DSPSigma100, E2Prom, and an EvalBoard100 block into the workspace.
  • Connect the EvalBoard100 to the DSPSigma100 block by clicking and dragging from the top blue output pin to the green input pin.
  • Connect the DSPSigma100 bottom blue output pin to the green input pin on the E2Prom block.
  • The result should look something like this:

  • Click Schematic (tab at the top of workspace).
  • Click IO in the Toolbox and drag an Input block to the workspace.
  • Click Volume Controls in the Toolbox and drag a Single Volume Control to the workspace.
  • Right-click that block (called Single 1) and choose Add Algorithm → IC1 → Gain (no slew). (This adds input / output.)
  • Connect the Input block’s blue output pins to the green input pins on the Volume Control.
  • Click IO in the Toolbox and drag two Output blocks to the workspace.
  • If your speakers aren’t connected to outputs 0/1, use the dropdown to change them to the correct outputs.
  • Connect the Volume Control blue output pins to the green input pins on the Output blocks.
  • After ensuring that your board is powered and connected to the PC, click Link-Compile-Download on the taskbar.

Assuming the project compiled without error, you will be in Ready-Download mode and see something similar to this figure.

  • Start your source playing and you should hear audio. Move the volume slider to change the level.
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