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References and Pointers

Various references found throughout this document are collected in this section.

Main Line Projects

The home pages of the mainline projects related to the related Linux projects are given below:

Good Books


O'Reilly publishers offer several excellent books on Linux systems. Many of their books can also be read online. For more information check out the following links:

  • O'Reilly Publisher of the iconic “animal books” for software developers, O'Reilly is the information source of choice for technologists, now also delivering the knowledge of expert early adopters to everyday computer users.

Free Software Foundation

The Free Software Foundation (GNU) has a large selection of documentation. Here we point out the gcc, gdb, and make manuals see There are more recent on-line versions available at, which can normally be found on the project pages.

  • Debugging with GDB,

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  • Using GNU CC

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  • GNU Make

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There are many other publishers/authors who have some excellent books on Linux and embedded Linux. Here are a few which we have found useful, and a good addition to anyone's desk reference.

  • Linkers and Loader is good for people interested in low level ELF/ldso details. It's available for free, or you can buy it via Amazon.

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Linux Guides

The Linux Documentation Project

The Linux Documentation Project (LDP) create and distribute the canonical set of free GNU/Linux documentation. While GNU/Linux applications and utilities may come with their own documentation, LDP documentation fills in the numerous gaps.

The hundreds of existing LDP documents present both overviews and details of: the GNU/Linux Operating System, System Administration, Hardware, Networks, Servers, GUIs, Programming, Language Support, etc. Not every important topic is currently covered so LDP is always seeking new authors to fill in the gaps.

The LDP publishes various types of documentation:

Man Pages

Another important source of information is the man (for manual) page system which is an online documentation system that comes with the typical Linux distribution. For example, let's say you want to find out about shell scripting with the bash shell. Then you merely enter at the command line: man bash and you'll get a a document about bash displayed on the console. The typical Linux distribution also comes with documentation in other directories such as:

  • /usr/doc
  • /usr/src/linux/Documentation
  • /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/doc

An embedded Linux system must save space so some or all of this documentation may be unavailable on the embedded system itself, but some may be available elsewhere e.g. On a CD that came with the embedded version.

Journals and Magazines

There are also paper-based and web-based journals. Here we mention two that come in both media and are very good:

Other Links/Websites

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