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ADI Toolboxes for MATLAB and Simulink

ADI offers many different toolboxes to provide native connections from MATLAB and Simulink to hardware. Whether you are looking for:

  • Live data streaming to and from hardware,
  • Automatically generation of C, or HDL from your MATLAB or Simulink algorithms, and run them on microprocessors or FPGAs on ADI modules or components
  • Simulation of various ADI components inside your MATLAB or Simulink algorithms
  • Doing hands-on, active learning with MATLAB or Simulink and hardware enabling students and learnings to build valuable expertise

ADI's Toolboxes can help with these activities. Each product family will have different interface inside MATLAB and Simulink, and are managed in different toolboxes.

All of these can be installed via Add-On Explorer, where you can download, install, and use add-ons without leaving the MATLAB® environment.

High Speed Converter Toolbox

Analog Devices High Speed Converter Toolbox For MATLAB and Simulink includes a set of tools to model, interface, and target with ADI high-speed converter devices within MATLAB and Simulink.

Transceiver Toolbox

Analog Devices Transceiver Toolbox For MATLAB and Simulink includes set of tools to model, interface, and target Analog Devices Transceiver devices.

RF and Microwave Toolbox

Analog Devices RF and Microwave Toolbox includes a set of tools to model and interface with Analog Devices RF and Microwave devices.

Sensor Toolbox

Analog Devices Sensor Toolbox For MATLAB and Simulink includes set of tools to model, interface, and target Analog Devices Sensors.

3D Time of Flight Toolbox

Analog Devices Time of Flight Toolbox For MATLAB and Simulink includes set of tools to model, interface, and target Analog Devices 3D Time of Flight components and cameras.

Library for ADALM2000

MATLAB and Simulink Library to interface to ADALM2000 includes methods so MATLAB and Simulink can programmatically control the ADALM2000. Controlling M2K and access the data streams is provided through a set of bindings for libm2k.

MathWorks authored support

Some ADI hardware has native support in MATLAB (is authored and supported by MathWorks). This would include:


ADALM-PLUTO Radio Support from Communications Toolbox enables you to prototype and test software-defined radio (SDR) systems using Analog Devices ADALM-PLUTO with MATLAB and Simulink.


Analog Devices ADALM1000 Support from Data Acquisition Toolbox enables you to acquire data from Analog Devices ADALM1000 using MATLAB.

AD9361 / AD9364

In the poorly named Zynq SDR Support from Communications Toolbox, MathWorks supports many AD9361 and AD9364 based platforms, including:

For pure simulation, Analog Devices RF Transceivers Support from MATLAB and Simulink can be used to simulate and verify AD9361 and AD9371 RF transceivers designs with RF Blockset (formerly SimRF) models, and predict the impact of RF imperfections on your test signals.

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