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Load the U-boot and Linux Kernel with Script

There is a tool available in $yoctoDir/sources/load-uboot-kernel folder which can be used to load the u-boot and kernel automatically.

Setup on Ubuntu 18.04

# install python and basic modules for virtual environment
$ source


The macros provided by option like -m $machine have higher priority than macros in, if there is no options provided, this tool parse the macros in file.

Method 1: Use Macros in file

User just need to update the file then run, this is a better choice when user want to load manually.

# Update file for the Macros you want to change like BOOTTYPE, EMULATOR,COM_PORT, then run
$ sudo python3

Method 2: Change Macros via options

Options from user have higher priority, when both options specified and macros in, the tool will use options and keep the no change, this is a better choice when user want to load in automation testing.

# please provide mount username and password if you want to copy images from share folder like //shared/folder
$ echo {mount-username} >username.txt
$ echo {mount-password} >password.txt

# Just load with nfsboot, and no need to copy files
$ sudo python3 -b nfsboot -m adsp-sc584-ezkit --ipaddr --serverip

# No need to update uboot and load with ramboot with providing deploy folder
$ sudo python3 -b ramboot -m adsp-sc584-ezkit -f /tmp/deploy/images/adsp-sc584-ezkit

# Only update uboot, not load kernel, 
$ sudo python3 -m adsp-sc584-ezkit --updateUboot -e 2000 --ipaddr --serverip

# Update uboot and load with nfsboot with providing deploy folder
$ sudo python3 -b nfsboot -m adsp-sc584-ezkit -f /tmp/deploy/images/adsp-sc584-ezkit/ --updateUboot -e 2000 --ipaddr --serverip

# Update uboot and load with nfsboot with providing deploy folder using dhcp
$ sudo python3 -b nfsboot -m adsp-sc584-ezkit -f /tmp/deploy/images/adsp-sc584-ezkit/ --updateUboot -e 2000 --dhcp


Options just provide the necessary macros that should be changed according to different situations.

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit

    -m MACHINE, --machine=MACHINE
                          Specify the machine name, e.g. adsp-sc589-ezkit, you can change MACHINE in config file
    -b BOOTTYPE, --bootType=BOOTTYPE
                          Specify the boot type like nfsboot,ramboot or sdcardboot, you can change BOOTTYPE in config file
    -f DEPLOY_FOLDER, --deployFolder=DEPLOY_FOLDER
                          Specify the deploy folder to find the images that to be loaded, you can change DEPLOY_FOLDER in config file
    -p COM_PORT, --comPort=COM_PORT
                          Specify the COM port connected to UART, you can change COM_PORT in config file
    -e EMULATOR, --emulator=EMULATOR
                          Specify the emulator to connect with openOCD, e.g. 1000, 2000, you can change EMULATOR in config file
    --ipaddr=IP_ADDR      Board IP Address, you can change IP_ADDR in config file
    --serverip=SERVER_IP  The IP address of the PC connected with board, you can change SERVER_IP in config file
    --updateUboot         Load the Uboot into flash with openOCD and GDB, the default value is true, you can change UBOOT_UPDATE in config file
    --dhcp                Use dhcp to get the ipadd and serverip automatically, the default is false, you can change DHCP in config file
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