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Link Port driver


Link ports allow the processor to connect to other processors or peripheral link ports using a simple communication protocol for high-speed parallel data transfer. This peripheral allows a variety of I/O peripheral interconnection schemes to I/O peripheral devices as well as co-processing and multiprocessing schemes.This document describes how to do a data transaction test via link ports on SC5xx EZ-Board.  

Hardware Setup

  • An ADSP-SC5xx EZ-Board:
    • ADSP-SC589 Ezkit v1.1 and above, or,
    • ADSP-SC584 Ezkit v1.0 and above, or,
    • ADSP-SC573 Ezkit v1.2 (BOM 1.8) and above
  • A linkport cable

 Connect the LINK PORT 0 and LINK PORT 1 with the matched cable in the target board.

Software configuration

The following configuration should be done on top of the SC589-ezkit/SC584-ezkit/SC573-ezkit default configuration. 

Configure Packages

You should also enable the linkport-test program to assist with testing. Add the linkport-test program in the filesystem images, it's enabled in adsp-sc5xx-full image by default.

vim build/conf/local.conf
IMAGE_INSTALL_append = "linkport-test"

Linux kernel configuration

Enable Linkport driver

Device Drivers --->
    Character devices ---> 
	<*> ADI LINKPORT driver

Note: For SC589-ezkit/SC584-ezkit/SC573-ezkit:

  • Need to disable the SPI support, due to Linkport hardware pin conflicts with SPI.
  • Need to disable the MTD support, due to Linkport hardware pin conflicts with MTD.
  • Need to disable the CAN bus support, due to Linkport hardware pin conflicts with CAN bus.
  • Need to disable the Network device support, due to Linkport hardware pin conflicts with Netework device.
[*] Networking support --->
    <N> CAN bus subsystem support ----
Device Drivers --->
    <N> Memory Technology Device (MTD) support ---- 
    [N] SPI support ---- 
    [N] Network device support ---- 

Then run bitbake linux-adi -C compile to generate kernel image zImage and dtb file.

Note: nfsboot can't work without the network support

Test Example

linkport_test will send data to linkport1, and receive data from linkport0, then verify the data.

# linkport_test
linkport test passed

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